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Grand bois

10 tracks album _ 29/09/2017 _ digisleeve CD & digital _ Sosei records/Arbouse recordins/Inouïe distribution


Recorded between Berlin and France. Mixed at La La Studio in Louisville Kentucky. The musicians : Alexandra Simon, Grégory Pleiber, Samuel Rouanet, Rosanna Lovell, Alexis Baskind, Elise Mélinand, Claire Weidmann, Carole Martiné, Chad Popple. Recorded by Timothée Demoury, Boris Wilsdorf, Elise Mélinand & JF Le Coq. Mixed by Kevin Ratterman, Sylvain Livache & Loris Bernot. Alexis Baskind did some sound processing. Mastered by JJ Golden @ Golden mastering. Cover photo : ©Nicola Lo Calzo / l’agence à Paris 2017. Artwork from Stephanie Piehl.

la crue

10 tracks album _ november 2012 _ digisleeve CD & digital _ Sosei records


Recorded between Nantes and Berlin – first album on Sosei records in 2012. The musicians : Cyril Secq, Grégory Pleiber, Fabrice L’Houtellier, Jérémie Ramsak, Claire Weidmann, Caroline Bordenave, Sam Wareing, Clément Loisel, Adrian Holder, Laurent Lavolé, Mathieu Pichon. Recorded by Timothée Demoury, Claire Weidmann, Jérémie Ramsak & Bruno Green. Mixed by Timothée. Arnold Erben gave precious advices for the mixing. Till Kreische did the mastering at EchoSchall Studio Berlin. Cover photo : Nantes from Caroline Gabard. Artwork from Mathilde Ramadier.


paar songs

7 tracks EP _ november 2013 _ Jewel CD & digital _ Sosei records


Recorded between Nantes and Berlin. From the same recording sessions as la crue album. EP on Sosei records in 2013. Mastered by Florian Frenzel. Drawing by Gerda Postma. Design by Stephanie Piehl.



Animals are singing under the rain _ compilation _ 23 tracks _ june 2007 _ CD-R & digital _ Super Apes records


The Super Apes label from Nantes called brome for a contribution for its compilation with the theme « animals ». Brome offered the instrumental rock track rhinocéros with Sylvain (bass) et Pøl (drums) from the band Natsat. The track was recorded and mixed in Tours (France) at Dandyroll studio by Pøl Vézard in fall 2006. Mathieu Mellec did the mastering in Nantes. You can purchase the CD at Super Apes : http://superapes.blogspot.de/ or digitaly https://superapeslabel.bandcamp.com/